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My New Toy...

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Got out of Grand Jury around noon and decided to get my patrol car serviced. Called ahead and our shop guy asked if I could hold off for a couple of hours. Great excuse to visit my favorite gun store.

As soon as I walked in, Chad, the owner, knowing my taste for S&W revolvers, told me they had a Model 13-3 for sale.

Be still my beating heart!

Round butt, three inch barrel, in pretty good shape.

I had been wanting one for a while. You just don't see them often around here. It went home with me.

I really like the feel of this gun. If she shoots as she feels, this just might be my new off duty piece.
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I have a 2.5" 19 and two of the limited-run 3" 66s and it's almost impossible to describe the difference in feel and handling that silly little 1/2" of barrel makes. Better sight radius, too. Carries better in a holster. And, best of all, completely ejects its brass, which the 2.5er does not.

I like to say that the 3" K carries/conceals like a 2" but shoots like a 4"--best of both worlds.
GASP! You mean the NYPD was RIGHT!!!

Who is going into shock, but I'll put that on hold and go to work instead..:p
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