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Someone new has thrown his hat in the ring to seek the office of President of the United States of America.

I hereby formally announce my desire to be a write-in candidate for the office. I name as my running mate David Schmidbauer. He is a member here who goes by the screen name of Schmit. I've met him, he's stayed at my home, I've stayed at his home, and we've shot together on numerous occasions. He's a retired Marine, proudly entitled to be called Gunny (Gunnery Sergeant.) He did 20 years in the Corps, and was in Desert Storm.

My platform:
I will veto all bills presented to me unless said bill repeals in full some existing law.
We already have all the laws we need:
Don't murder.
Don't assault.
Don't steal.
Don't commit treason.

1. I want to change parliamentary procedure thus: any bill presented by either house of Congress must have a preamble, stating the intent of the law, written in everyday wording capable of being understood by the average 8th grade student. The preamble can be no longer than one standard typewritten page, and must cover all major points in the bill. Then body of the bill may be written in "legalese,", but before the bill goes before Congress, it must first be submitted to a Constitutional Review Board. The CRB will go over the preamble and bill, and they must match exactly, with no hidden agendas, and everything must be in line with the Constitution and the rights listed therein, as well as being in line with the rights listed in the Declaration of Independence. After it has cleared the CRB, it will then be submitted in the appropriate house for consideration and debate. Any changes made must start the whole process over. No last minute added-on amendments snuck in thirty seconds before the vote.

2. No more abstentions from voting. If a Representative or Senator cannot decide which way to vote, he must tender his immediate resignation.

3. One term for all elected officials. Once an individual has held any elected or appointed position in government at any level, that individual is permanently barred from ever holding an elected OR appointed position in government at any level. Let us end the era of the "professional politician" whose primary goal is to retain his office for as long as possible.

4. I believe in a double standard of application of law: for citizens, the law is applied as either a misdemeanor or a felony. For any elected or appointed official, or for any civil servant, at all levels of government, the violation of any law will be treated as a major felony and/or treason.
For example: if your town has an ordinance calling for a $2 fine for spitting on the sidewalk, a misdemeanor, then that's what happens to Joe or Jane Citizen if a LEO issues them a ticket. They take the ticket to the appropriate place and pay the fine, or they can request a trial by jury.
If Joe or Jane Public Servant does the same thing, they will be subject to arrest in handcuffs, and be charged with a felony. Being a public servant puts the burden on you to set an example for the rest of the citizenry, and any misbehavior on your part will not be tolerated. Minimum sentence for breaking ANY law would be immediate removal from office, and no less than a 5 year prison term and/or a $10,000 fine. If the charge be treason, if found guilty, death sentence by firing squad. No appeals for public servants.

5. Truth in sentencing will be applied to all laws; both for citizens and public servants, and truth in sentencing will be thus: make restitution, and if a prison sentence is called for, the convict must serve 100% of the sentence. No early releases for ANY reason, unless given a full pardon by the President, the Governor, or, most importantly, if the victim of the crime gives a written notarized statement to the court that he/she has forgiven the criminal. Public servants are exempt from pardons, since their transgression has harmed the entire citizenry.

6. Have you ever wondered why there is no Constitutional right to life, even though it is mentioned in the DOI?
The right to life is stated thus:
The life of every individual, and the fruits of that individual's labor, are theirs to do with as they please.

This gives government fits, because the part about the fruits of your labor is, quite simply, a ban on any compulsory tax. If taxes are to be levied, they must be done so in a way that gives the citizen the choice to pay as much or as little as the individual sees fit, with no penalty imposed by gov't. The "penalty" for not paying a tax will be that the individual gets to keep the fruits of their labor to dispose of as that individual sees fit.

7. No more gov't forfeiture. Government at no level should have the power to deprive any individual of their property, unless it can be clearly shown that the property in question was stolen, or purchased using funds that were stolen. The only way gov't at any level should be able to keep for itself any recovered property is if, after a truly diligent effort, they cannot find the rightful owner or his/her heirs within a 2 year period. The property then becomes the property of the government. It must then be sold off within a two year period, and the funds go into a centralized victim restitution fund.

8. Restitution would be the key to the criminal justice system. Criminals MUST repay their victims, in any way they can. In some cases, the crime committed may be so heinous that no amount of money or service can make restitution. Justice therefore demands that the convicted criminal make a token payment, but since the price of the crime he/she committed was so high, that token payment must be the most valuable possession that convict has: his/her own life. (Same rules for pardons as in #5.) In having committed a crime, the perp has violated someone's rights, and certain of his rights, perhaps even all, are automatically suspended. Once his sentence is complete or he has been pardoned, he is automatically restored all his/her rights in full. Third strike on a felony, the goblin is out. Either life at hard labor (meaning exactly that: the rest of one's natural life busting one's butt to make it right,) or one may choose a death sentence. If one chooses a death sentence, one gets no appeals, and the sentence is to be carried out within 48 hours. No pardons for 3rd timers.

9. Get the U.S. out of the UN, and get the UN out of the U.S. If elected, I will declare a national state of emergency and call up all the Military and National Guard units. We have been invaded by an enemy, and I will personally announce to the UN that the United States is withdrawing from that organization effective immediately after my speech to said assembly is finished. I will then announce that in 90 days, military demolition teams supported fully by the appropriate air, land, and sea forces of the United States of America will begin the razing of the UN tower, occupied or not. As soon as this is accomplished, I will declare the state of emergency over.

10. I will figure out a way to change the "national emergency" law so that when there is a genuine emergency, the President may call up troops, but at the same time, cannot suspend any Constitutional rights.

11. The proceedings of gov't should be an open book. I fully recognize that in this modern world, an intelligence gathering apparatus is an unfortunate necessary evil, so some things must be kept secret, but only those things that could benefit our enemies. Such items would be off limits to the public, but all other matters handled by the gov't must be done so in full public view. No more secret committee meetings; if Joe Citizen can't be allowed to view or hear it, it's probably bad news for Joe Citizen and his rights. The public servants who wish to have the secret meeting will be automatically charged with treason, given a summary trial, and then be executed by firing squad.

12. Restoring checks and balances as the founders saw them is important. I would like to return to the old ways in this manner: each sovereign state's legislature would appoint, by majority vote, the two Senators to represent said state in the US Congress.

13. No one who is a practicing attorney may hold any public office at any level unless he resigns from the bar and closes his practice. The sole exception would be positions of judges, magistrates, etc.

14. To sum it all up, I view gov't the same way the founding fathers did; as an unfortunate necessary evil. As George Washington said about the institution of government in general: "Government is not reason; it is not eloquence. It is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

I intend to see that we, the people, retain the primary power of self-government. At any trial in any court of law in any jurisdiction within the United States, the Judge's first duty after calling the court to order will be to inform the jurors and all present of the terms of jury nullification: any one person sitting on a jury can nullify the law in question by being able to defend an argument that the law in question is either unconstitutional, unfair, or being unfairly applied. As one SOCUS Chief Justice wrote, the right of trial by jury coupled with the right of jury nullification is the real way to keep the power of government in the hands of we, the people, the individuals being governed. If any one person can nullify a law, politicians will soon get tired of being paid little (max salary for any gov't official will be $50,000 annually) to produce stuff that immediately gets thrown out.
I can envision a day when Congress AND the individual State Legislatures meet for two weeks, twiddle their thumbs, and then go home to go about their private business practices, because they are only being paid $15K to meet for 2 weeks and probably enact no legislation. In time of war, or threat of war, that could change.

As I sit here writing this, it suddenly struck me what to call our party: the Founding Fathers Freedom party!

Richard Jefferies and David Schmidbauer, representing the FFF Party! Remember us in November!

I detest politics. All public offices and jobs need to be held by someone who IS NOT a professional politician; they need to be held by someone who detests politics, and whose only concern is to see that the Constitution, as plainly written, is upheld, protected, and defended. The offices need to be held by someone who understands that the rights listed in the Declaration of Independence, in the Constitution, and in the Bill of Rights, and even some rights that are not listed, are all basic human rights, shared equally by every individual living on this earth. In my not-so-humble opinion, the Constitutional government we had at the time of the founding fathers has been slowly, gradually overthrown by statist professionals who lust for power and money.

I lust for justice, for truth, for the upholding in full of the rights of every individual citizen of this country. No more fearing the government; instead, let the government fear the people, because I want to place power back into their hands. A public official should be scared spitless of doing anything that might even remotely be considered as being illegal, unconstitutional, or infringing in any way, shape, or form, ANY individual's rights.

Edit added: elements 12 & 13

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Hey, I'm serious. Write me in this November. I plan to, and not out of vanity, but in protest.
Our entire system is cockeyed; all the checks and balances have been removed. I'd be willing to bet my soul that if the founding fathers could somehow be brought back to life and see this mess today, they would call for an immediate armed rebellion, and would soundly approve my platform.

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I completely agree. The Federal government seems to have placed too much emphasis on Section 8 of the Constitution, and forgotten about the 9th and 10th Amendments. If we got rid of the "unconstitutional" parts of the Federal government, there wouldn't be a whole lot of it left. The Federal government has taken "necessary and proper" and used it as an excuse to build a bloated, self-perpetuating farce. :soap:

It is STILL the best thing going though...flawed as it is.

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Richard Jefferies said:
Someone new has thrown his hat in the ring to seek the office of President of the United States of America.

I hereby formally announce my desire to be a write-in candidate for the office. I name as my running mate David Schmidbauer. He is a member here who goes by the screen name of Schmit.
Schmidbauer, that is an interesting name. If I remember my German correctly that comes from the root "schmid" which means to make fire and "bauer" which means go boom!"

Does that sound about right?


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Fernando Coelho said:
One thing I know about Schmit, keep him far away from smokeless powder! Come to think of it, keep him away from anything that can ignite! :lol:
Oh my, oh my.....

Tutuman & Pyroman together......a TRULY scary thought!

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


You actually think I'd play second fiddle? :shock:

Aaaaaa what the hell!! If I do nothing else at least I can plan and have executed the biggest and best 4th of July Calibrations this Country has ever seen.

I've got a great idea for our first… think of every station playing the 1812 Overture in a simulcast with every TV Station running live (remote) footage of "Le Bombardement d'Iraq". Le Bombardement d'Iraq will entail every Service firing every piece of ordnance this country has in its inventory. This will be spaced over a 24 hour period the entire 4th.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
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