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Mythbusters: Knife to a Gunfight (Video)

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Worth a look:

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I have usually been impressed with their gun stuff. Pretty straightforward and logical. Too bad they are all hard corps San Franciscans (no offense to any board members who hale from there).

I do think their show is toast after dropping Kari and crew.

Charlie, I may have told this story on this board before, but anyway...

When I in-processed at Osan, they of course had a couple of "Your in Korea now" briefings. One of them, a well traveled black E-7 with the then obligatory NCO Club gut walked into the little room a posted two glossy 8 X 10 photos of a young obviously American male, with the picture frames from just below his eyes to just under his chin. There was a large bloody wound centered just under his lower lip. The Master Sergeant explained this young E-3 SP was posted with his ROK counterpart at the rear gate of the base. ROK soldiers were armed with empty 1911's, two loaded mags in wired shut mag pouches. The ROK wanted to see the GI's revolver, a loaded Model 15. The GI refused. Then the ROK asked to see a bullet. The ROK kept bugging the E-3 till he finally agreed, holding up an issued .38 ball round. The ROK grabbed the bullet, pulled his pistol, dropped the bullet down the barrel of his 1911, cocked the hammer and pulled the trigger. Damned thing went off! Hit the SP under his lip, knocked out two teeth and knocked him down. He got up, spit out his teeth and the bullet and proceeded to beat the holy living heck out of that little Korean dude. Said the Korean guard was turned over to his CO and never seen around Osan again.

At least that's the story the old Master Sergeant told. 馃敨馃槒
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He told me that the worse whuppin' he ever got was from a ROK Marine; a really little guy.

"He didn't hit me that hard, he just hit me a lot"...
Walt, there's no doubt some of those OK's were tough little SOB's. Since I was living on $80 a month (lived in the barracks and had a meal card...wife and kids got the rest), I spent a lot of time at the gym cause it was free. They had Tae Kwon Do classes there and I would stop by and watch after working out.

The instructors were of course Korean, and when they sparred with each other...well let's just say they were impressive.

Besides, Osan is where Chuck Norris learned to fight. :D
and E-7s never lie :rolleyes:
My Dad was an E-7, and that's what he told me. :D:D
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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