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Mythbusters: Knife to a Gunfight (Video)

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Worth a look:

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That is a different take on the so-called Tueller (sp?) distance of 27' but they made it totally unrealistic by having him draw, rack the slide and then fire. Very few real world people would do that.

It was also obvious that Jamie had very little skill and poor advice on equipment.
When I was armed in the USAF the chamber was empty but somebody taught me how to use the old GI holster to help chamber a round. Simply pull the gun high enough to catch the muzzle on the pad that protected the trigger guard... push down smartly to rack the slide and you come out (hopefully) with a loaded gun.

I was disappointed because usually the do pretty well with firearms stuff.
I was taught to use the trigger guard...
1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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