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Please bear with me.

0555: Let the 6 month old labs out to do their ritual.

I then proceeded to do my Triple S ritual.

0635: Knotting my shoes prior to leaving, I hear something really faint that I can't categorize. Got both the Grandkids watching Disney, so I figured it was coming from the TV, BUT NEVER QUESTION YOUR INSTINCT. (What was that noise?)

Following up on the what was that noise took me to the Florida room, where I spotted the labs seemingly locked in mortal combat in the backyard. Out to the backyard I ran, evoking Classic Sailor's Lexicon. The black male was attempting to flee but the chocolate female was being dragged along on her back with him biting and scratching for all she was worth. Once I got close enough I recognized that the dogs collars where entangled and the female basically had a tourniquet around her neck.

Try as I might I couldn't release either collar. (unfamiliarity with latching mechanism & arthritic hands) Natural plan B: reach for the knife, BUT I couldn't be sure that I wouldn't carve up one or both of the failing beasts. Instant plan C: run to house and get Son-in-law (doggies daddy). The Ring of Command in my voice immediately had him & my daughter sprinting out of the bedroom. They both beat me back to the dogs, just in time as it worked out.

Needless to say that at 0645 on Sunday only the emergency Vet was open. The chocolate female (Daisy) lost two puppy teeth and allot of blood attempting to gnaw the collar. X-rays thankfully showed no bone damage. But she did need antibiotics and shall have to be monitored to try and prevent pneumonia.

It is hard for me to admit that for the first time during a life or death situation I was unable to solve the problem by myself. Fortunately I realized my failing and got the Cavalry in the nick of time. Thing 2 and her husband were thankful that I just didn't dismiss my instinct. It is my belief that both the labs have forgiven me, but it took the black male much longer than the female. Upon returning from the vet I was the first person she struggled up to lick.

The little bone shaped ID Tags turned the seemingly harmless material collars into almost fatal devices. Needless to say that shoulder harness shall be in use while the Lab's await getting their chips. It wasn't a good day, but at least it wasn't as tragic as it might have been.

Anyone have any tales of woe about shoulder harnesses that I should know about?
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