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Need a forearm for TC Contender

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OK guy. here is a challenge for you. I have been trying to locate a TC Contender forearm for a 10 inch OCTAGON barrel in .22 Hornet. This search has been ongoing for at least 90 days now with no luck at all. I contacted TC directly (Via a contact at S&W, since I wasn't getting any response from TC, another story) and was informed that they hadn't even made one in 18 years. I was directed to "Ed's Contenders" who is supposed to have all things TC. Wrong again. Ed told me that he didn't have any and hadn't for a while. he told me about a couple of other places, but no luck. One guys told me he hadn't even seen one in over 5 years.

I have contacted Numrich, and Jack First, with whom I have done a lot of business , to no avail.

I have also searched every damn gun related website out there. I think they are all hidden away in some TC hoarders vault.

Any help would be appreciated. Worse comes to worse, I'll make my own, I was just trying to be authentic.
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What is the structure of the piece? Wood and metal, multiple parts?
How was the original lost?

Who notes there are shops which can scan pieces and cut wood and metal but they are not cheap, unless you find a hobbyist with a whim...
Wood. The only metal is the screw and escutcheon that attaches it to the barrel.

Don't know what happened to the original, I bought the barrel from another club member.

He never had the forearm, and decided he wasn't going to use the barrel. Little did I know that locating one would be so difficult.
Go to a Maker Faire and ask around. If you can get an original scanned someone can cut it out of wood.
Cleveland Mini-Maker Faire 2014 Planning Session 1/3 - YouTube

Who is much too lazy for speculative projects...looking at the 3 screens on his AMD motherboard update...
Thanks, something to consider.
Yeah, I wouldn't think it would be THAT challenging a home project. Sounds like fun to me! ;)
Yeah, I wouldn't think it would be THAT challenging a home project. Sounds like fun to me! ;)
Was my thought also Snake hell it could be of your own liking/design?
There has to be a picture on the net somewhere, or tc might be able to scan one from their collection, assuming they have a scanner which is questionable.
Who is now a curious fellow. I'm thinking there might be a market for parts like this in wood and generated custom mesquite grips?
Who notes someone with relatively simple tools could scan the grip component on a SIG 250 and then mod the design in a computer, then print the piece out of plastic or metal...interesting...why wasn't I born rich instead of supremely geeky?
I don't know if you found one or not but there is one on eBay listed under

"TC Contender Old Style Walnut Octagon Grip" IT says grip but it sure looks like a forearm.

for sale by snookslayer04

Currently at $10.



yours, sw
I think I know riflerev. I'll shoot him an email to make sure he sees this.
Need a forearm for TC Contender

Thanks guys. I just bid on it about 15 minutes ago. No minimum and there doesn't seem to be much interest so I might have a chance. as I told CaptainGryo in a PM. I just had a fellow from Australia send me one. Don't know the fellow, but he belongs to another small, private, forum that I check out about once a week. He wouldn't take anything for it either.

Nice guy, huh!
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