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Need help. I may be printing.

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I had three people ask me if I was armed the other day. I had my S&W M-19 in an old Uncle Mike's holster, but I can't figure out how they spotted me.

My M-19 in its Uncle Mike Holster
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And to think, my first comment was going to be to stay away from the Gourmet Pantry :wink:
Not trying to be a wise ass, but have you looked at yourself in a mirror to check for printing? Bend forward and back, and twist at the hips. Whatever you can see, they can see.
Next time, the ideal come-back would be: "No, I'm just happy to see you." :lol:
That was going to be my second comment. Glad to see there are others with the same sense of humor :lol:
But they are the only grips with a place for the cup holder?
:D That is a 2 1/2" barrel; isn't it! (Maybe you're not bending your knee on the gun side when you bend forward.) :wink:
Hey JAR,

Do those stocks come with CD or MP3 player? Just ordered a pair for my Glock!


I think I should have clicked on the link and viewed the photo before replying earlier. :duh:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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