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Okay, I lied a little... it's a Weight & Balance Mockup only awaiting an assembled live lower to become a pistol.

Upper & UPK: Aero Precision - FAB Defense polymer port cover and V Seven ultralight port rod (UPK not installed, compensating for solid FCG area)
Barrel: Andro Corp (Ballistic Advantage) 10.3", NSWC-Crane spec .070" gas port
BCG: Toolcraft, milspec other than black nitride
Muzzle Device: Precision Armament AFAB; Indian Creek BFD blast-shield awaiting removal of bayonet lug
Handguard: VLTOR CASV-EL, one of the very last made (bone of contention, the GF wants one of these and I can't build her one unless I find another HG!)
Lower: presently an unmachined EP Armory blank (deliberate, keeps this a "non-firearm" until I'm ready to take it live)
LPK (mostly not installed): Anderson - FAB AGF-43S folding grip, KNS anti-walk FCG pins, Anderson milspec ambi safety, Strike Industries ultralight easy-push pins, [to acquire] ALG QMS FCG
Buffer Assembly: Vltor A5H2, LAW Tactical sidefolder, PWS no-stake ratcheting endplate/CN, SB Tactical SBM4 brace/ballast/mag carrier
Sights: Diamondhead rear, F-mark FSB with Arisaka Mossie Mount for light/laser, [to acquire] DI Optical FC1 red-dot, [to acquire] Lasermax Uni-Max green-beam laser
Lights: Princeton Switch Rail red nav light, Olight PL-1 II Valkyrie blinder
Accessories: FAB PTK foregrip and VTS thumbrest, CAA MPS mag carrier
Magazines: Magpul PMAG: 2x 40-round, 1x 10-round

Overall Notes: This was conceived as basically turning the military Mk 18 CQB weapon into a barely-unregulated briefcase-carry/Bugout Bag PDW, barely fitting into the requirements of Washington State CCW eligibility ("pistol = under-16" designed to be fired with one hand") and shaped to not print as "gun" against its carry bag, hence the shorty mag intended to start in the well. Granted, I recently had to enlarge my laptop case to accommodate it (and additional hard drives for the Portable Data Warehouse), but...

Left side, folded:

Right side, unfolded:

Yes, the rear mag has to slide a little between "stowed" and "deployed" positions. Since these pics, the Olight has been moved in-line with the thumbrest and the little Princeton has been moved from the FSB rail over to top-left next to the mag-carrier so I can mount the laser on centerline. Interesting to note that two buddies in different LE agencies have given this what I took as high praise: one saying "I WANT ONE!" and the other saying he wished he could carry one of these on-duty.

Already starting to work up specs for a 12.5" big brother... and toying with the idea of pistolizing a Mod Holland SPR for go-bag "Reach Out and Touch Someone." (And now that the Pistol Bug has bitten, I'm even considering building the M4 half of "Project His & Hers" as a pistol... the Canadian C8 as-issued is already 16" so can keep a rifle stock and be non-NFA.)
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