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New Dan Wesson PointMan Major Aussie 1911

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Hi all, just wanted to say hi and that I picked up a new DW PMA-S via GunBroker from DW Direct. It was a great experience and went without a hitch. This gun was a fatory blem due to some scratches on the slide, tho I can't locate narry a one. Great shooter, easy recoil, and pretty to boot. Check out the pics below:


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Mack, those pictures don't show up too big! SO you say you like it so far huh? Do you have any other DW guns? Agains't what other manufacturers would you compare it? I mean is it like a Kimber or more like a custom/semi custom?


Dang Ed you're right.....seems no happy medium...first they were too big (got admonished) now they are too small.....I'll figure it out later....As far as the DW PMA-S goes.... I'm leaning more towards a custom....but..this IS my first 1911. After losing all my goodies in a bad divorce in 96 and a lonnnnng separation from guns and shooting......I got back into it by way of a buddy gifting me with a near NIB Beretta 92FS Centurion 9mm. Got back to shooting then started to get that familiar itch for another...picked up Ruger GP100 4 inch full lug stainless 357 mag, then got it again and just recently picked up the DW....mack
I didn't go through a divorce -- at least not yet! But I went through a self-imposed "sell-off" of my guns about 10 years or so ago. I had a Ruger 10/22 and Mk11. A Walther PPK/s and P-38. I hadn't been out shooting in years and we had kids on the way and the wife is not thrilled with guns.... etc. Anyway, last fall I dove back into it head first. and got s Ruger MKII stainless with the bull barrel and a F.E.G. High Power clone. Getting antsy a couple months later I saw a real good deal on a used but pristine S&W 586 and figured I was done for a while until the gun I had been looking for showed up. A very little used, excellent condition, Browning HP. Now I have definately spent my wad but I'm getting antsy again and might need a Mak or CZ52!

Actually I asked because a 1911 type gun in on my short-list as is a snubby and when I win the lottery, an H&K P7M8 or P7M13.


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