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New defensive ammo w/"pedigree"

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It seems that Jim Cirillo of NYPD Stakeout Squad fame has decided to venture into the ammunition field....see this link.
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Well, personally I would prefer a hex-head, but to each his own, right?
So THAT'S where my right side ambi-safety lever went!

Those would be great for reloaders, if you screwed up the powder charge or bullet seating depth, you could take 'em apart with a screwdriver, no more kenetic bullet puller! :D
The big question is ..."Has anyone here tried them and do they work?" Who cares what they look like.
Shot into heavily clothed ordnance gelatin the bullet performed like a FMJ. When shot into bare gelatin the consistency from shot to shot was terrible. Penetration was erratic. It was one of the worst rounds I ever saw shot into gelatin.
Fernando, Thanks for clearing that up. Just as I thought, another attempt by an entrepreneur to part a fool from his money. I'll stick to the tried and proven ammo.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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