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Still waiting for the after action report on SHOT 2004. I was at the show but there is every possibility that I missed some do dad to attach to my AR (or 1911) or an interface to attach some do dad to my AR (or 1911).

I know I saw many products that I had wished someone would make and even a few that I thought were so ridiculous that only I would buy them (like bore cleaning ammo).

So, before next year, Tomorrow's ideas…TODAY, sure to make a splash in 05.

Ballistic tip/ Frangible Tabasco rounds, ammo that kills and seasons with "Authentic Cajun Flavor" all at the same time.

Awesome down range performance and a spicy kick too.

These new rounds have a muzzle velocity of 55 MPH, and with the optional headlights deer are guranteed to jump right into the flight path of this new super ammo.

Remember where you heard it here first.
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