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New from Victory

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This is definitely on the must get list….


It's the new Victory Hammer. It's based on the Vegas, which I've already been drooling over, but to me looks even better.

Here is a link to it at the Victory site.

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Those are some good lookin' bikes.
You know... I really like that one.
They have the Arlen Ness edition Victory, now they need the AmBack edition Hammer. Maybe we can call it the Thumper. :rock:
Amback Edition....

Real Tree cammo paint scheme?
Carbine rack along the forks or tail pipe?

Who has photoshop and can do a work of something?
Sounds like a job for Schimt... the old Schmit. (I think some bull horns or antlers on the front would be a nice touch.) :wink:

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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