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You'll like it here. One of the most civilized forums around. :thumbsup:
Easily the most civilized forum I've ever been on, that's for sure. Pretty much everyone that's here on a regular basis is someone I'd invite to my home, or just sit and have a cold one with. Missed my opportunity to have a cold one with Charlie back in 2004. Huntington introduced us briefly as Charlie was about to walk off, and he said he was headed to the bar and said I could join him. But Huntington wanted me to stay to talk about an article I was submitting because there was a buzz about it (Cornershot) at the Shot Show. I doubt Charlie remembers, it was such a brief met I hardly consider it a meet.

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The forum IS "civilized" BUT a considerable percentage of the members are anything BUT. = Pure-bred SOUTHRON renegade/secessionist here.
(The more that I learn about the [email protected]#$%^! federal government, the better that I like venomous spiders, poisonous snakes, scorpions, worms & roaches.)

My favorite quote from THE GOOD BOOK: "So sayeth The Lord of Hosts, LET MY PEOPLE GO."

FREE Dixie NOW, sw
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