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another new guy here, from the former shoreline of Lake Erie before the Great Black Swamp was drained.
I am curently in the construction Industry. Love to shoot woodchucks on the family farm.
Mostly varmint guns, love single shot rifles and handguns. My latest rifle is a Ruger No.1 in 22-454 by Freedom Arms. Also not too far from Camp Perry and love to attend the NMLRA shoots in Friendship Indiana

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My internet comments on sense of humor, c. 1992!

"To understand military humor, which is often considered, crude,
sick, disgusting, sexist, racist, offensive and socially
unacceptable in any way, shape or form, by those fortunate
innocents who have never heard a bullet addressed "To Whom It
May Concern" pass close by their own personal ear, you must
keep the following information firmly in mind.
The modern warrior, kneeling waste deep in foul smelling water,
in a filthy hole in the ground, too scared of making a noise to
clear his throat or blow his nose for fear of giving away his
position, *he can't remember the last time he was clean or warm,
or comfortable, he is hugging close to his filthy body enough
explosives to level a city block, enough ammunition for his
personal weapon (the only thing about him even remotely to be
considered "clean") to shoot everyone in that city block at
least twice, he knows that out "there" in the dark are people
and things which intend to hurt and kill him, and, all things
considered he feels SAFE for the first time in days.
Now, do you begin to understand military humor?
Who is an ex-Staff Sergeant United States Army, never to be confused with
the Army of the United States (AUS)
;-> *"Kill Friendly" *Unofficial Motto Third Corps, Ft. Hood
Texas c. 1974.

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Welcome aboard!

I was defending the North Coast of the US and then the government sent me to defend the First Coast in Florida..literally on the first day of 2004, which replaced homesickness with the thrill of learning to consider a windbreaker a replacement for a parka!

Who is a Government issue computer Geek.
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