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Gaston's new Glock Model 37has finally been shipped… but SURPRISE!, it's bigger than what was promised at SHOT '03.

Hmmmmnnn… it seems to be exactly what TGZ said it was going to be, back on 19 July!

This will make the Kool Aid-drinkers crazed with fear and uncertainty.
This will make the Kool Aid-drinkers crazed with fear and uncertainty
I think not, they will probably view the 37 with polymer blinders on and overlook the increase slide size and focus on the frame.
DeanSpeir said:
Schmit Speaks While Fernando Snacks
I always thought it was "Money talks, Schmit walks." :? :p :lol:
DeanSpeir said:
While Fernando Snacks
At least the photo is of Fernando just snacking and not one of him in a more "compromising posistion" with Gel.....

Smack! "WHO's your Daddy!?!??"
Smack, Smack! "WHO!?!?"

That was NOT me that did that. That was the Asian fellow at the office that loved to get "personal" with the gel.
Dare I ask?

And did he meet the FBI's penetration minimum?
You would have to ask Schmit. He was holding the ruler :rotflmao:
It was a tape measure.... not a ruler!

Well at least I had to clean up the Gel reminents in the shop after shooting it. Unlike someone who would retire to behind closed doors in his office and shortly after we would hear moans and something that sounded like

"Drive me!... Drive me hard. Oh OOOOOH Enzo, ENZZZZZOOOOO"


And no, the fellow didn't meet the minimum penetration requirement of the FBI, nor the INS. However, that may be because the Gel block was being held sideways. :roll:
Speaking of Enzo

Did you guys happen to catch this story? Right near here in the city of Brotherly Love...
Man Steals $729K Ferrari During Test Drive

(Ardmore-AP) - September 26, 2003 - Where do you hide a 729-thousand dollar Ferrari during rush hour?
The rest of the story.

A photo sure to disturb some Glockophiles (and maybe ol' Gaston himself!):

An Historic Meeting
Nice Jacket

Nice jacket Robbie boy has. :lol:

Robbie and his jacket...

I wonder if he was packing a Kimber? :wink:


Back to "New in The Gun Zone..."

a Glock kB! with Factory New Ammo… Written more than four years ago, it's now available here for the first time.
And this update from Dan Watters…


Why We Practice
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SIG-Sauer Slide Fracture Problems…

A SIG Slide Fracture: Reminiscent of the early M9 catastrophic slide failures, SIG seems to have some low round count, low fracture toughness problems with their P229s of European-manufacture.
The Good Book Sayeth: The Gospel According to John Moses Browning!

Otherwise, Merrie... Happy... Healthy!
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