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I don’t know where that ammo company sources their brass, but if they get it from local ranges, they could be using cases that were reloaded a handful of times prior to them touching it. I’ve seen some rather bulged cases left behind the local range that should be left alone. It could be that some of those very weakened cases got through their inspection process (if one exists) and after depriming and resizing, they are loaded up like normal. At that point, even a standard pressure load can cause the already weakened area of brass to let go.

Some of that remaining ammo should be pressure tested. That would narrow down the possibilities of what happened. Someone should send some of that ammo to Pete over at Cor-Bon. Supposedly he pressure tests and he is more than familiar with kBs.

Or a better option... Charlie has an Oehler system :wink:
1 - 3 of 44 Posts
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