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New Jersey governor quits, comes out as gay

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New Jersey governor quits, comes out as gay
McGreevey announces resignation after telling of affair

Friday, August 13, 2004 Posted: 4:50 AM EDT (0850 GMT)

(CNN) -- Dropping a political bombshell, New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey announced his resignation Thursday after revealing that he is gay and that he had an adulterous affair with a man.
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Well, at least he had the balls to come out & admit it instead of staying in the closet with Clintonesque denials.
Keep Your Eyes On This One!

I think you should keep your eyes on this bugger! :!:
I've already heard that this guy has more laundry in the closet.....more than this this guy liking it up the hershey highway, if you know what I mean!!!
Well, as us NYPDers are pretty cynical, it's been said he came out now so when he's arrested and charged he'll get a cell in Punk City (protective custody) rather than GPop. General Population.

Da Boy got a lot of unaired dirty laundry and Da FEEBs be closin in or so I hear. :D
You mean he is still in the country? I thought he'd be in France by now. :p
BTW, he appointed lover boy as N.J.s head of Homeland Security. That's why N.J.s alert color just went to Lavender! :D This is just another N.J. 'Rat who swallows nails and ***** corkscrews.

BTW, here's another famous N.Y. newspaper headline for the list. McGreavey Goes Down! :lol:
The Republicans have a wide open door if they are willing to take on the serious lack of seriousness that the Democrats have for National Security.

Who took over for McGreevy's boyfriend?

Jenna Jamison? :shock:
:shock: If you ask me the whole state’s queer – a wholly owned subsidiary of the banking and insurance industry. Glad I left! I’ll just bet that McGreevy soon becomes one of the very very few who are able to obtain a CCW in the Garden State! Too bad McGreevy’s, still, not going to be allowed to carry hollow points in his pink pistol!

Gee, I hope I'm not coming across as, ‘homophobic’ - am I? :lol:
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