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New Kershaw Knife

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While at the Kershaw Knife booth at S.H.O.T. this year in Orlando, I saw a new and interesting knife --- called the National Geographic. the gentleman in the booth said that it should be out in June or July --- The press release on it can be found at:

The neatest thing about the knife is that it is a working carabiner with a blade and screwdrivers. I have backorders on these kives with all my distributors.

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That is a unique setup...

We are waiting on them too. Here is more info.
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Hmm, interesting concept.
Is the carabiner rated for using as a "real" carabiner with ropes in an emergency situation?

Ya know, this looks like a great key chain gizmo, really all that is missing is a LED light!
I have to agree with Schmit. It’s a great novelty item and perfect for hanging your keys off a belt loop on your pants. As far as actual usage, while it may resemble a locking “D” ring, all my carabiners have their black finish worn off all around the backside of the “D”, right where the blade tucks in on the Kershaw. I don’t think the rope would do very well rubbing across the backside of the blade.

I may have to pick one up just to check it out. Worst case scenario is I end up with a fancy keychain.
Well --- Kershaw has finally been shipping product on the National Geographic ---

And --- Fernando --- there is a red label on the front of the packaging that says --- NON LOAD BEARING --- and on the back of the swing-arm there is the same message embossed.

Hmmmm... a non load bearing carabiner. That's like a 4x4 that only works in 2 wheel drive.

At least it's a decent way to hang keys off a belt loop.
Most of my carabiners are used to attach gear to packs and web belts and packs to jeeps and stuff. For such useage, I'm sure it would work fine.... but really I'm not seeing the actually advantage of this thing.
Wasn't it spyderco that has a knife alread that has a clip on one end for hanging it?

This thing is interesting... but doesn't look actually that useful. It wont replace my knife or my multitool.
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