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First issued one on Okinawa in 62. Fam fired it for the first time in an extinct volcano crater at Camp McTourous(? can't remember how to spell it but it was at Kawasaki) and immediately fell in love with it. Back in the states I was reissued an M1.

Inspection Arms was more difficult with the M14 than with the M1 and took a little time to get used to but other than that it was just great.

Took me many years to finally get a SA 9222 M1A. Haven't fired it much as I just like having it around. Did get an M1 too since I carried one for 7 years and still like it but it's second to my M1A.

Clean it good like H2O man said. I don't grease mine until I'm ready to fire it (old Marine Corps training)..

Enjoy and good luck with it.
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