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New Triumph Bonneville

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When I was a kid in the northeast, the "cool" bikes to own were Norton Commandos and the like, rather than Harley based choppers. In fact, the first chopper I ever saw up close had a Triumph twin in it.
Choppers are little fun on tight, winding and hilly roads like where I lived then, so we naturally lusted after the mostly British twin-based "race reps" of the day.

Flash foreward to the present.
Last spring I had the urge, in a big way, to start a custom bike project. What to build, though?
Sometimes I think the Chopper thing is completely played out. How many variations on that theme are there? And everyone lately seems to use the same parts. If you use those same parts in a slightly different mix, or pay heavily for a recently underused custom paint scheme, it still isn't exactly fresh, and like a lot of people I hate belonging to the "me too!" brigade

So, drawing on my roots, I thought a modern bike with a retro Cafe Racer look would be unique, and fun to ride on local country roads here in rural NC.

After doing a heck of a lot of research, I bought a new ('03) Triumph Bonneville, and that project is well on it's way (see the Micheals thread ... 6f4af237e5
for photos)

The thing that really suprised me was how good the stock Bonneville was. I was really impressed with how much fun a small, comparatively light bike could be on twisty roads. The thing also did solo touring pretty darn well, too. Triumph did a really excellent job with it.

I've also found that there is a large growing "cult" of New Bonneville fans out there. The stock Bonnie is a "standard" bike (remember those?), and there is an already suprisingly large market for aftermarket parts for the bike. You can already personalise it in almost any direction thinkable, with more and more parts coming all the time. At first I was a little dissapointed that my idea of a Cafe racer retro wasn't even close to being original, but the people I've met working on this project have all unanimously been good folk, and I have to admit I love stopping at a country store for gas and a Coke and having all sorts of people come up and compliment the Bonnie, including groups of HD riders.

Any other New Bonnweville fans out here?
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I really like the old Triumphs and I still own an excellent condition unrestored 1968 Triumph TR-6R and an 1970 TR25W 250cc single.

If you really want a head turning motorcycle check out the KLR-650 dual sport by Kawasaki. I recently bought a new 05 KLR and I have had people roll down their windows at red lights wanting to talk about the bike. :lol:

I want one of the Bonnies, I also want the Thruxton 900 just for the Cafe racing look. I own a 1975 850 Norton Commando MKIII with all the inhertiated Lucas problems. But I diffently want one of the New Bonnivilles or the Royal Enfield
Lucas electrics, the reason the Brits drink warm beer.

George Lucas, the Prince of Darkness

Lucas Headlight switch decals have OFF, DIM and FLICKER on them.

Only thing Lucas made that didn't suck was a vacum cleaner.
Had a 73 Bonnie 750 sold it to a guy who wanted to "restore" it. Wish everyday that it was still mine. I've seen the new one's but haven't had the chance to ride any. Will probably be owning one in the future.
I've got a '67 and a '79 bonnie and a '75 commando in storage. Unfortunately I can't ride them for a while, but I'll never sell them.
Triumph Bonneville

Just bought a Bonneville Black about a month ago. Love it! Rides great on the winding back roads here in Bucks county PA. More than enough power for me. I've been riding since 1972 and this bike is a good one! So many Harley's and poseurs out there. Glad I bought the Bonny!


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Very nice! I've been temped many times to get a Bonnie. Great bikes.
My Truimphs

Triumphs are the "Sports Cars" of motorcycles. I had a 62 Bonnie 650cc, a 69 650cc, and a 79 750cc (79 was the last year of the original styling as far as I know).

Handling on back country roads will prove the sportier handling. You scrape a peg on the Bonnie and your over pretty good. First time I rode a big Hog I almost went into a row of cars on the opposite side of the road on what I considered a really mild curve.

I also owned a 2001 Harley Deuce which was pretty much the same, ie., strictly a crusing, road bike. No fun on curvey back roads.

Triumphs are my all time favorite.
I spent some time at the local Triumph dealer last week. They were rolling a Scrambler off the truck!

Not ready for test rides yet, but I got to drool on it and sit on it.

I'll go back for the ride, but this could be the next bike in my garage.
Had A 71 750 Tident for 4 weeks when I was 17, My uncle (he raced Datonya circuit) told my Dad "SELL IT' He's gonna kill himself on this bike. THat was that. Still dream of that beast. What a sweet ride.

Had a '65 TR6 once. Decided that Lucas electrics were assembled in a Welch coal mine by candlelight, packed in seawater & shipped to the US by slow freighter around the Cape of Good Hope. Rewired it with good US stuff & rode many happy miles. Riding a URAL sidecar rig now, not nimble but the cool-factor is off the scale.


On a whim, I took a ride on a new Scrambler. Had no intentions of buying a triumph - thought they were just a retro fad. But damn, now I'm hooked. I *NEED* a new Scrambler. I spent 45 minutes riding around, and had this HUGE smile on my face... no bike I've ever owned has been so much unadulterated FUN. I must own one.

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