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I was slovaking my usual websites when this caught my eye:

So, in the spirit of the season, I'm entering my want list of things to buy, and do.

1. DONE Moving from BoA to an FCU.
2. Lose more weight..the holidays were not helpful and my wife tends to stuff me, hey, she's Sicilian it's programmed in her brain stem.
3. Save money and send the early Springfield M1911 to Novak for an accuracy job and night sights, they did great work on my Mk IV S70 and my SWaMPy 9c.
4. Put the .22 conversion unit on a better frame..anybody know who fits them?
5. Pay off my short term debits, life support and teeth, sigh.
6. Do 200 draws from a new holster in front of the video camera and study, study, study.
7. Take a day and get the wife to the range for her overdue practice..she wants Zombie targets...hummmm...and a "Rambo Mom" rig for her Sigma and a 1911..??
8. <<Deleted Political>>
9. Get the SWaMPy long OR carbine and teach the wife to use the sliding stock (She can't handle my Ruger Mini, too long or even the miniature riot gun for small riots, too long in the stock..sigh)
10. Work on upper body strength for recoil control with pocket pistols.
I leave it at the short list.
Who is contemplating a mid-size .380 as well

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to all,

my new years resolutions:
1. to yield to more temptations
2. buy more handguns, ammo & another 1910 Winchester self-loader.

i believe that i can KEEP those.

yours, sw

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Mine are:

1. Walk MORE!
2. Shoot MORE!
3. Appreciate my wife MORE (should be number one. Still gotta work on that one!)
4. Aww, hell, that's as many as I can handle.
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