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I was discussing with a brother-in-law tonight about a gun sale he had to deny to a resident of New York City.The gun was coming out of state of both MS and NY a Remington 700 with scope.The gun was billed(story)as a prop gun for a movie non-functional but upon arrival the relative inspected the gun and that was not the case.He calls whomever shipped the gun and thus informed him that it was a real which they denied.The person that was to p/u the gun comes in later and presents a NY license based in NYC upon which he then denies a transfer.That's the backup story now the question why?

1)Relative calls ATF and ATF says transfer illegal as for what they could see but not 100% sure,call NYC.

2) Call NYC talks to some LT who says it would be illegal since he a resident of NYC and he would be responsible/liable if the transfer occurs.

So a fella wants to buy a gun outside of NY/NYC and cannot because of his residence? If the gun never makes it back to said state or city what laws have been broken?The guy could keep it at Joe's house or Joe's Hunting Lounge till next season what purpose of the state of NY to reach it's hand half way across the country and deny his right to a firearm?From the way it sounded to me Kevin from MS could walk into a gun shop if one exist in NY being from MS and have more rights than those in NY.That was the second transfer from NY he has had to deny due to residency the first being a one in the service TDY on duty in Gulfport it was a handgun sale.

Just if someone can shed some enlightenment my way I would appreciate it ;)
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