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Newbie carbine owner

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Howdy all. I live in Seaside Oregon. I have two carbines, one a National Postal Meter and the other a Universal. I am presently refitting my NPM with NPM parts. My NPM has an Underwood Barrel 10-43, a NPM Bolt with NPM parts, NPM slide, NPM slide spring guide, NPM Stock marked Trimble Tn. with the NPM cartouche on right rear of stock, hand guard marked TN. Recoil plate marked n?.
I am joining this forum to learn more about my gun and yours too and shop for NPM parts.

Thanks, Tom
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Welcome aboard.

I am afraid you've entered a tough field of collecting because so many of the carbines around today are mixmasters. I have a good friend who is a true carbine fiend and he can bust almost anyone's bubble by showing them what's wrong with a gun they want.

good luck
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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