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News coverage of Olympic Shooting Sports

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As we all know, news / media coverage of the shooting sports is less than pitiful. On ESPN, James Swan has done his best to set the record straight.

He says:
Historically, the U.S. Olympic shooting team has won the third largest total of medals in any Olympic sport, after track and field and swimming. But shotgun, rifle, pistol and archery competitions get little recognition in the US print or TV coverage.
It is a long article, well worth reading. Here it is:

It is an important article for those of us who want our grandchildren to enjoy, and be protected by, our sports.
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Much to my surprise MSNBC showed Kim Rhode win the gold in doubles trap.
I heard on the radio that Double Trap is being dropped as an Olympic sport -- If I remember correctly, Ms Rhode has the distinction of being the First and Last Gold Medalist in the Double Trap.
[EdMcMahon] You are correct, sir! [/EdMcMahon]
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