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USFS Campgrounds and RVs

Thanks for the tip on the campground. Whenever I get around to visiting my nephew in Colorado, I will make it one of my stops.

As for Forest Service campgrounds not being set up for RVs, I believe they will slowly evolve to provide more RV type spots. Although I have never read any position statements, I believe that the USFS campgrounds are provided for those that really want to camp as opposed to RV. For one thing a cleared space with pit toilets and fire rings is a lot cheaper to make than a 'campground' with electrical/water hookups and paved, level sites. I too now use an RV and enjoy my comforts. When I was younger, I preferred setting up a tent, sleeping on the ground and cooking over a real fire. I believe the Forest Service provided campgrounds for those of us who wanted to really experience nature and the woods in a basic setting, not listening to TVs, stereos and generators all night long. I don't say this to be mean but just to acknowledge the change I have seen over my life. I doubt if I will ever go backpacking or true rough camping again but have many fond memories of past experiences. Now I do want the warm soft bed, thermostat controlled heater, lights on demand and other amenities of modern RVing. Either way one goes, it is great to get out in the country.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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