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Night Sights: Heinie vs. 3 dot

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Heinie makes "2-dot" sights, conventional and night versions. One dot on front sight, like most everybody else, and only one dot on rear sight, just below the cut.

Occasionally I have problems with conventional 3-dot night sights shooting in quite dark environments (all on ranges, no "real" night shoots for me...I hope). Under certain conditions, usually caused by my glasses, I think, I may poke the front sight dot off to the right or left of both rear dots. I usually catch it, in a range environment, but am concerned I might do it in a real, real dark, shoot.

I never have such a problem in daylight, when the broad outlines of the rear sight prevent such an error.

Your comments/suggestions are invited.
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Personally I like the three dot arrangement best, but any tritium sight is worth its weight in gold if you have to shoot in low/no light settings.

I haven't tried the two dot arrangement, but have used the bar/dot system Novak has. The front sight is the standard dot, but the rear has a thin horizontal element. All you have to do is set the ball on top of the bar. This seems to be very fast although not quite as precise as the three dot arrangement.

Early on it was suggested that a single tritium insert on the front sight was workable. That wasn't the case at all for anything except the closest shots.
I just had XS 24/7 Big Dot sights added to my G21. This is my "house gun" and I wanted an immediate front sight acquisition without my glasses. I'm extreemly pleased to the point I'm having them installed on a G23 and S&W 640.
With these sights you just "dot the i". Heinie's were small for me, but like you, I like the vertical sight picture.
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