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No greater time in American history than at this moment

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It seems that liberals have been saying since Bill Clinton was elected that we needed a constitutional convention to rewrite our outdated bill of rights and constitution. On fox news last night I heard it mentioned that there has not been such decisiveness in the senate since 1865. I sometimes wonder if our founding fathers where all clairvoyant and saw this moment of time in American history and wrote our constitution for it. Can any of you think of another period that these so called out dated documents are needed more by this nation in their present form than now to save our republic? Are we all so divided that we're ready to descend into a second American civil war? Why is it so important that we have to become like all of the other failing socialist democracies in western Europe? If we belive in the constitution and the bill of rights we seem to be considered right wing extremist. The amount of deception being used on the American people is unbelivable. It's begining to look like Germany in the early 1930'S . Americans are buying into this mass deception on a level that boggels the mind. Kerry seems to make promises to us that only God could make and he's begining to make Americans seemingly eat out of the palm of his hand. This man should not have even 5% percent of Americans interested in him.
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