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While on the Garden State Parkway (NJ) early this afternoon I saw what appeared to be a Silver Ferrari Daytona up ahead at the tollbooth. I made it a point to get through the booth as quickly as possible and catch up. Sure enough it was a Ferrari 365/GTB hardtop in silver. Very sweet car! I came up alongside it and the driver was smoking a pipe having a grand ‘ol time. I gave him the thumbs up and kept going.

That definitely made the trip through NJ worth it.

See Fernando, that is why you'll never be a true Southerner... there is NOTHING that makes a trip through NJ worth it!! :p

On nothworthy cars it would have to be this one (one of two made), seen in the "flesh" at the local dealership that owns it.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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