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Nuisance Bear

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We have a black bear in the neighborhood that has developed a taste for my neighbor's chickens. He tore the back door off of the chicken house last night and helped himself to a couple.

Aforementioned neighbor is going out of town for the weekend and leaving his wife home alone. Most of the rest of the half dozen or so families in my circle are going to be gone as well.

This leaves me as on call chicken defender if Mr. Bear comes calling. I don't particularly want to kill it, I'm just looking for a means of deterrence.

Any input appreciated.
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Guy and his kid shot one that was walking down the middle of a street in a development up here. He said he "thought the gun was loaded with rubber buckshot". Last I heard was that the game commission was going to prosecute them. Bear wasn't bothering them or anything but considering that they were new cityfolk who had just moved into the area, I can understand their stupidity. I've had them walk through my back yard and up and down my driveway many, many times over the thirty years I lived here.
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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