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FDR and the New Dealers were beloved of the American Left, and a great many Jews had Leftist views in the 1930's.
Of course they just excused FDR's turning away refugee Jews from Europe.

There's something about big cities that tends to turn people to the Left and Jews seem to be even more susceptible to it, along with the young Millennials.
Most Jews have stayed in the big cities, so they favor the Left.
Out in Fly Over Country Jews are more like their neighbors in their politics but still tend to vote Dim.

One great laugh the other day was a picture of armed Jews ready to protect worship services in NYC.
They were all armed with New York illegal AR-15's fitted with New York illegal 30 round magazines.
No one said a word, including by the usual Dim suspects that otherwise rave about evil guns and magazines.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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