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NYS Pistol Laws

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I have to move from AZ to NYS. I own several firearms legally in AZ. The pistols in particular are what worry me. What can I do to legalize my pistols for NYS... I don't mean carryon or special permits. I just want to be able to legally have them in my home and be able to take them to a shooting range.
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Consigliore Rob'll give you the full specifics if you require them, but the basics are:
  • All handgun owners and their handguns require a license in NYS.[/*:1k9s09dt]
  • There are two types of handgun licenses in NYS[/*:1k9s09dt]
    • Premises[/*:1k9s09dt]
    • Carry[/*:1k9s09dt]
  • If you wanna go to the range, unless you have a range in the basement, you're gonna need a Carry license.[/*:1k9s09dt]
  • Do not try to bring your handguns into NYS until you have a license, and that will take a minimum of two (2) months, depending on the jurisdiction (county). [/*:1k9s09dt]
  • If you're talking NYC as opposed to any other part of NYS, there are even more stringent requirements.[/*:1k9s09dt] [/list:eek::1k9s09dt] Arizona's making a lot more sense right now, isn't it?!?
Thanks for the quick reply.

Any idea how I start the process of filing the forms? I own a house already in NY (the Buffalo area so no NYC woes) so I have an address, etc.

Arizona has its virtues, including the freedom to own guns, and I am all about freedoms, but have you ever gone deer hunting in Western New York in November? :)
Don't take this wrong, but why as a gun owner would you ever
consider moving to NY? Or the rest of the northeast or california
for that matter. None are very frienly twowards gun owners. Gun
ownership determines where I live now and in the future.
Or the rest of the northeast
I thought Vermont was the gun-friendliest state there is...

Well the answer is easy yote, I am from Western NY, born and raised there. I love NY. I don't necessarily agree with what all the state legislature does, but I don't agree completely with any politician for that matter. :)

I am a big gun fan, and a big car guy too, AZ is a great place for both, but after being away from NY for 6 years I have come to accept that the logical reasons for being in AZ don't outweigh my emotional reasons for wanting to be in NY.

So now I just got to learn to cope with the rust on my cars and the extra rules on my guns, lol.

If anyone can link me to more info on filing the forms I will need I would be much obliged, or any other info on NY.

I do have another question... I have written off any ideas of bringing back a pre-ban anything, but what about a post-ban semi 'assault' rifle like a ak or ar? Let's just say I have a fixed stock ak47, post-ban, all legal... are there any laws I need to know about in NY for these that don't apply to say my Mosin-Nagant?

Thanks again.
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Each County in NY has their own requirements. Your best bet is to contact the Sheriff's department for the county you are moving to and ask them what their requirements are. For instance, in Dutchess County you have to reside there for six months before you can file for a permit. Then it takes anywhere from 2-4 months to obtain the permit. Each county also has their own restrictions. Westchester is known for restricting permits to employment only. The further away you go from lower NY the easier it should be.
For Erie County here is the info from their Sheriff's department:

Who would I call regarding Pistol Permit information?
Call the Erie County Sheriff's Office, Patrol Headquarters at:
(716) 662-6150 ask for Pistol Permit Dept.
Thanks, I will be making some calls this week. I am actually in Niagara County. I will let you know what I find out.
It seems that Dean and Fernando did the heavy lifting for me before I had the chance. Thanks!
The___VIP - try this then:

Niagara County Sheriff's Department
5526 Niagara Street Extension
PO Box 496
Lockport NY 14095-0496
Phone 716 438-3393
Fax 716 438-3302
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