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The pundits have been tossing guesses around for weeks -- months now. "Smart" money said the insurance purchase mandate would be struck down, a key provision of the President's Fascist healthcare law without which it could not be funded. A few people said they believed the whole law would be declared unconstitional.
This morning a few minutes after 10:00AM eastern time it was revealed, albeit in a shockingly confused and contradictory manner, that the individual mandate SURVIVED CONSTITIONAL CHALLENGE!!
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Radio talk show host Neal Boortz provided an interesting observation; to whit, 'a court that would give us the Kilo decision* would also uphold Obamacare.'
In fact, as I write this Boortz stated "the supreme court doesn't really care about the Constitution anymore."
This decision horrifies and depresses me. We now live in a post-Constitutional country. It is now more imperative than EVER to remove Obama from office this November and install Romney. Romney may not be perfect but he has promised to help remove Obamacare.
Jaime Dupree, a reporter who appears on Boortz's show, claims this mandate survived because the court decided it was OK under the taxing power of congress, as opposed to the usual problem its critics' point out; the "commerce clause" does not allow this. But the court "punted" it over to the"taxing power." Oh, and the court had the utter gall to quote the tenth amendment in the decision!!!!:shocked::ek::help:

I reiterate: I am shocked and depressed at this occurance. :banghead::cluebat::cluebat::cluebat:

*The Kilo decision allows states to take property from one to give it to another individual who will pay a higher tax on it, thus allowing states to profit financially from the use of "eminent domain."

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For about the past week Limbaugh has been saying watch Roberts. It's like he knew something. I too am really, really bummed out about this.

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to ALL:

frankly, the SCOTUS has handed us (YEP, i'm a member!) TEA PARTIERS a BATTLEAX to SLAY the DRAGON with.

i URGE every reader to go visit/join your local TEA PARTY, register your friends to VOTE , HELP the candidate of your choice & VOTE yourself.

our LIBERTY depends on this election.

yours, sw
Bexar County TPP

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Another perspective on Roberts' decision:

There were two battles being fought in the Supreme Court over the Affordable Care Act. Chief Justice John Roberts-and Justice Anthony Kennedy-delivered victory to the right in the one that mattered.

Yes, Roberts voted to uphold the individual mandate, joining the court's liberal wing to give President Obama a 5-4 victory on his signature piece of legislation. Right-wing partisans are crying treason; left-wing partisans saw their predictions of a bitter, party-line defeat undone.

But the health care law was, ultimately, a pretext. This was a test case for the long-standing-but previously fringe-campaign to rewrite Congress' regulatory powers under the Commerce Clause.


At the very least Zero has to defend the biggest tax hike in history... in a bad economy... in an election year.

And I thought tax bills had to originate in the House.

On the other hand they don't require a supermajority to repeal.
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