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So it's been either too much caffeine or not enough sleep, but I've started putting pencil back to paper for creative but un-PC ideas, and I figured somebody here might know something that could help.

The device: a "figurehead", much like one might find on an old sailing ship, made to look like the head of a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, rigged so that when you take the safety off the mouth opens and fangs flip out, and the fangs retract and mouth closes when you safe it.

Side idea, maybe have the "fangs" be contact points for a built-in Taser.

Found a lifesize head replica at a taxidermy site, but fairly sure it's plastic and won't take the blast and flash.

Mechanical problem: a fast-acting system, triggered by the AR/other weapon safety, probably using a remote sensor since running mech linkages down through receivers can be problematic even when possible. System also needs to be self-contained, as would not do to be unable to fire because an uncharged pneumatic cylinder failed to remove obstruction from muzzle. Maybe a solenoid so that dramatic "thunk" reinforces the "I suggest you leave before Something Unspeakably Bad Happens" factor...

Have some ideas for the other end of this "rattlesnake build" too, but at this point I'm still at the "are you really SURE this is a good idea?" stage--the SHOULD It Be Done that John Hammond forgot to ask before proceeding straight to "Could It Be Done" in Jurassic Park with such dire consequences.

Any of you guys have any takes on this one, be they legal/psych or practical?
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