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Offer for free instruction/ training in Iowa

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Hey all,

New and glad to be here. I am from the land of corn and meth labs and discretionary CCW permits.

Any other Iowans check in yet? Midwesterners?

Well in any case I aslo happen to be an NRA certified pistol instructor. I like to extend an offer to this board. I will gladly give free lessons, classes or saftey instruction to anyone for the asking. I do this to pass along my love of shooting and for the teaching experience. So if you are close, gonna be in the area, know someone who is or have friends or family around here and want some free instruction put em in touch with me and I'd be glad to help out.


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That's a good offer. Why not tap the local Boy Scout Council and see if you can sign on to do Rifle and Shotgun merit badges. This is what I do as well as having a shooting sports Venture Crew that I got my club to sponsor. We've actually had a few youth go to Camp Perry and shoot in the National matches. They did real well. Remember, the youth are the future of this sport. Why not help by teaching them the right way and keeping them interested in the sport.
Thanks Joe, good ideas I will try to see what I can find out.

Unfortunatly we do not have a real interest locally with any training etc or the BSA / 4H. I kinda live in a "shotgunners only" type area etc.
We also do shotgunning. The gang we have now has been with us for a few years with a few new from year to year. There is a big interest in the shooting sports here. (upstate NY)
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