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On January 1 2016 Texas Becomes an Open Carry State

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Here's a link to some FAQs on the Texas State Rifle Association:
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Personally, I seriously DOUBT that TEXAS would have ever legalized open carry had the NITWITS of Austin, Travis County, Houston & Harris County had NOT "started playing games" with CCH licensees, i.e., "creating violations".
(The "usual game" in those places was to have a LEO tell a person to remove their coat, jacket or vest & then charge the licensee with "brandishing a firearm".)

Note: As many members here know, my adult daughter is a faculty member of the UT/Austin campus, so I often travel to Austin to see her & to do the things on my "Daddy do list".
Several months ago, I stopped at a convenience store inside the Austin city limits to buy diesel fuel, to use the facility & to buy a Dr. Pepper.
While I was in line to pay for my purchases, an Austin LEO, who was "working security" for the store approached me & LOUDLY said, "So you're carrying a gun. huh?" - I answered "Yes". He then said, "What department do you work for?" - I said, "I'm retired from a federal agency."
He then "got in my face" & (nearly) shouted, "This is Austin & we don't want anybody to carry guns here."
(His belligerent demeanor was that of a person "who is trying to start a fight". - I didn't bite & simply said, "Before this goes any farther, may I request that you call a supervisor to come here??" - The LEO said, "WHY??" & I responded, "I don't think that your boss will be pleased with your conduct.")
I then paid for my fuel/Dr Pepper & left the premises.
IF it had NOT been for such "unfortunate situations", I doubt that open carry would have actually passed.

Texas already allowed open carry:
1. On one's own premises or on property under the person's control,
(Like a store, for example)
2. While traveling across at least 2 county lines or entering another county to remain overnight,
3. While on the residential or business premises of another person, with their consent
4. While engaged in hunting, fishing or other similar "outdoor activities".
(Long before TX passed handgun licenses, I routinely wore a .22LR revolver on my belt while on the family farm, hunting, fishing, camping, etc. = Anyone who goes about unarmed on our farm, given the number of poisonous snakes, is NUTS. - I killed a 4+ foot Cottonmouth less than 6 feet from our front door one warm Summer morning.)

I don't know about the rest of the Texicans, but I won't change anything after 31DEC15 except after it becomes lawful next year, I will carry concealed on the UT campus in Austin.
I expect, despite the HOPES of the NITWIT LEFT & the DIMocRATS Party, that open carry in TX will change the behavior of FEW people & that there will be FEW or NO problems.

just my OPINIONS, sw
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