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If you get the TLC channel, you should check out a show called Overhaulin'. They take people's cars (or trucks), usually under the premise that the vehicle was stolen, and then transform them to a very cool ride!

The way American Chopper focuses on the antics of the father and son team of Orange County Choppers, Overhaulin works with Chip Foose, of Foose Design. For those not familiar with Chip, he has been one of the top dogs in auto customizing. Most people know him from his work on "Gone in 60 seconds" which featured the killer Mustang, "Elinor".

The best thing about this show is the person who owns the vehicle getting fixed doesn't pay a dime for the work. And we are not talking clean cars needing pinstriping. These things are in sorry shape! To see a 1965 Mustang get a new front end, engine and tranny, complete interior, custom paint, etc., and then the look on the owner's face!

This show is a definite must watch.
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They did a 67 Buick Skylark last night. It would've been interesting if they cut out the scene in the parking garage between the brothers. "Dude, dude, dude,Dude,dude,DUDE" ad nauseum. :roll:
And you know what the two brothers were thinking.... "Dude, our younger bro' is never gonna drive this car! It's ours now!"
I saw the ford explorer they did for a girl...
Impressive work.

Haven't seen any other episode as I don't have cable or Sat. Dang it.
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