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New Mehico. Land of Enchantment. Sunsets spectacular enough to make Monet weep. Santa Fe, the City Different. Where your mailman’s name is Diego Olivera Orlando Romero Ignazio Gonzalas but everyone calls him Cisco. We got rocks, lots of rocks. We got the beloved agave plant too – whose magnificent nectar is much revered by succulent enthusiasts. We got azure blue skies that will take your breath away….. but I digress. What we ain’t got much of out west is water!! Not naturally occurring in big silent blue puddles anyway.

Yeah, we got a few rivers, with names like Bright Angel, twin sister of the Dirty Devil. The Rio Grande (Grand in name only). The Green River, which is, and the White River, which ain’t. But these rivers ain’t boatin’ rivers, not if your boat is bigger than a canoe, that is. Out here we need a Dam or two. Then you might have yourself a fine Dam river (course some of these rivers just ain’t worth a Dam). Not enough Dam water year round, you see.

So I bought myself a Dam boat. Not much of a riverboat, but a good Dam boat. Dam efficient, Dam fast, and Dam well equipped, so now I’m good and Dam ready. Hitch up this Dam thing and head for the ramp. Gonna have us a good Dam day at the Dam lake! Most of these here reservoirs got some pretty good Dam ramps, too. Some are steep and slippery, but they will let you get your Dam boat in the Dam water. Plus a lot of good friendly folks to share your time with while on the Dam shore. I think drinkin’ and partyin’ with other trailer boaters is the best time you can have out here by a Dam site.

Course, we got that expensive Dam gas here too. Dam gas just ain’t cheap anymore. What with the marina’s Dam expenses just getting’ the chit out here, plus the Dam governments gettin’ their grimy hands in the act here too. Dam taxes, Dam this and Dam that. Nuff to make a grown man weep. You bes’ just bring a bunch of green stuff if you want to get thru a whole Dam week out here. But ol’ Uncle Sam did give a Dam, and keeps a bunch of Dam folks workin’ regular so I’m gonna let this one go…..

Some of the idiots they got workin’ here are the worst Dam employees I’ve ever seen. Cripes, I’d be amazed if they can find their way out of the Dam parkin’ lot after closing. And with a good Dam job like this…. Go figure. And the way some of ‘em dress, good God! Ain’t they got any Dam rules here?

Well, I guess that’s about all I got to say about this whole Dam thing. Just thought you river rats out east ought to know it ain’t easy owning a boat out here, just get yourself a good Dam one, and stay off them shallow waters…. Or your props won’t be worth a Dam once you get to the Dam place……
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