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Pager Pal or Pager Enemy?

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I had a Sig P239 once and tried the ol, Pager Pal holster system.
The ol boy at the gunshow really had his "act" together,he could draw his meduim frame auto out slick as oil.
Well I knew almost immediatley after getting it home that it wasnt going to be the best design for this "Bubba" gutted Texas boy. :roll:
After a few weeks of fighting with it I finally gave up on it one day. I just couldnt take the laughter of my good bud when he watched me give a demonstration......which wound up with a broken pager in my hand and the weapon still below my waistline inside my pants! :shock:
I told him that is a intentional move to thwart my attackers. :roll:
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...which only goes to point how how individualized holsters can be. Some types work well for one person, and are dreadful for the next. I can easily carry a snubby all day with a Barami HipGrip and not worry about losing it unless I'm hanging upside down; I know others who have problems with the gun working its way up out of the waistband using the HipGrip.

How many holsters are in YOUR "tried it & it didn't work" box? I know there's a LOT in mine.
Very true I have went through quite a few different styles and methods.
IWB works best for me these days. Will be looking into a shoulder rig soon. thinking of a Mitch Rosen Express Line model.
I saw the Pager Pal guy wowing the audience at a gunshow in San Antonio a while back. He had his act down pat and impressed everyone. I was going to ask him to demonstrate how you draw your pistol when being carjacked at a traffic light but I passed on it. I'll stick with holsters.
That's easy. In the case, you simply

tuck the gun under your thigh.
Re: That's easy. In the case, you simply

dome said:
tuck the gun under your thigh.
Which means you have to draw your handgunwhile entering the vehicle which could get you arrested for "brandishing." A far better solution would be to have a car gun already in place. BTDT.
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