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Para Carry

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Back when I was with Triton we received a Para-Ordnance for T&E (test and evaluation). We were going to try a new 165 grain “Lite” .45 ACP load that was under development and wanted to see what expansion would be like out of an auto-loader that small. Kirby Smith sent us their brand new Para Carry C6-45S. The first thing I noticed was how small it really is! It reminded me of the old Detonics Combat Master Mark VI. The spurless hammer and LDA action coupled with a short 3 inch barrel makes it really appealing for those looking for an ultra compact 1911.

I ran the mild 165 grain loads through it along with the standard run of +P stuff. Even though it is smaller than heck, it was fine to shoot. I wish I had it longer for a more thorough testing but from what I saw, I think I’m going to get one for myself.
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What do mean "OLD" Detonics Combat Master VI. (just joking)

I bought three combat masters from the original detonics firm and the combat master is my carry pistol to this day.

I've had one Heine tuned and the second tuned by Novak's and third is in NIB in one of my safes.

I find these combat master to be 100 percent reliable and like the idea of no grip safety and the interchangeable sights.

I cannot comment on the Para's as I don't own one, but if it close to the detonics in size and reliability it will be an excellent pistol.

Very good point. The Detonics can hold their own to the best versions of 1911’s out there today. Calling them old isn’t fair.

I have seen them for sale every now and then NIB for reasonable amounts.

Three of them? My kind of guy! What modifications did you have done?
Only modification done to my detonics was reliability tuning and jeweling.
Both of my carry detonics are as accurate as I am.

The third the NIB safe queen will be on it way to Teddy when we get together on the amount of work to done.
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