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Parker Bows?

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Was wondering what your opions were on the Parker Phoniex? I have a bow that I bought in 92' and have decided I will need a new one sometime in the near future.

My local and trusted dealer of firearms has Parker Bows. He shoots the Phoniex and loves it, was just wanting some outside opions.

Thanks in advance!

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Well I guess I can give you mine :roll: :lol:

I actually got an EZ Draw 33 and love it. Great shooting bow. Have been shooting every day getting ready for the opening day. Only 11 more days to go :D
Parker bows are great. If you buy one you will be happy. Another bow line worth looking at is Darton. They don't spend much/any money on advertizing, but they are a real smooth shooting bow. Dartons are also very easy to shoot, and a great value for the money. Check the line out.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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