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Pit bull viciously attacks man (TRUE STORY)

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Unidentified man is critical after dog bites off his genitals; animal on the loose

By Sue Vorenberg
Tribune Reporter

Police and Animal Control Services are looking for a dangerous dog that seriously injured a man.

The man remained in critical condition Monday night at the University of New Mexico Hospital, Detective Jeff Arbogast, an Albuquerque Police Department spokesman, said.

For the rest of the story --- click HERE
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I got this link from a posting on GU --- and since that board allows almost anything to be said -- you can only imagine some of the replies (note, I had to search on the internet for the actual story because it is not proper to post a copywrited story in it's entirety without prior consent!)
SpecialEd said:
No kidding!
Thanks for sharing the genital destruction story, Mike.
The Albuquerque Tribune said:
Arbogast added he had no idea why the man was naked or why the dog bit him, but added, "I think there's a little more to this whole thing than we know."
Jeez, I would hope so!

I'm betting that if they don't shoot the dog down on sight, then the po' dog probably has a pretty good counter-charge of "Sexual Assault" and an absolute defense of self-defense.
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