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Please Pray For My Belle

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Maybe, if enough of us pray...we can save the life of my golden retreiver, who is trying to survive some rotten kidneys.

I don't know you guys very well, but I need some help!

I am so very sad.
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Best wishes for Belle from myself and my furry friend, Shannon.
Measuring your life by your dogs

In a Civil War novel I read a couple of years ago, the hero and heroine commit to get married, and the guy talks about how they will measure their life together by the lives of their dogs.

It really touched me. I hadn't thought how we (my family) have done that for years . . .

"Was that before Cassie?"
"No, but she was just a pup."

"We had Rica then."

"Lucky Jack would have loved . . . "

For us, it helps us focus on the good times we have had, and will have again. Different dogs, different dog looks, different dog behavior, but then, now, and to come, unconditional love.
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Hello. Wishing the VERY best for you and your faithful friend.

Many positive thoughts coming your way from me and "the kids" - Hannah, Kenny and Gracie - all former shelter dogs who now run our household!
In this house our dogs outnumber the kids and are probably treated better. My boys would take on Ol' Scratch in defense of me and mine, and that's enough said. Best for you and Belle...

Belle hangs on, but it is not looking good. We will have to decide tomorrow or the next day whether to put her down. Won't eat, won't drink -- just a little wag of the tail. Breaking my heart.

I'll let you know.
Belle is gone

Thanks all of you for your comments and thoughts -- private and public.

Belle died yesterday of total kidney failure, although she was still wagging her tail right to the very end.

It is very hard to lose one of my best friends

I apologize for this thread -- I started it at a time when my heart was breaking -- not fair to impose this on folks I don't know well.
Hello, sir. No imposition I'm sure for anyone here. These fine creatures are family.

Sincerest respect and condolences in your loss.

My sympathies for your loss.

You have my condolences on the loss of a family member --- It brings back memories of holding the paw of "Charlie", who we had from the time I was 10 until 26, when he was put to sleep. Unfortunatly, due to allergies my wife has to pet dander, my son will never know the unending love of "man's best friend" :(

You have my condolences as well.
I'm so sorry Red. Belle was a beautifull dog and will always be with you. I don't know what we will do when it comes time for our Tucker. When we got him our older son was 22 months old and they have grown up together as liter mates. Tucker is 8 now and I dread the thought.

Best wishes to you and yours,

You have my true condolences; I know how much this hurts. If it helps, time and precious memories are comforting healers. Try to remember the good times!
Let's Close Out This Thread

Thanks to you all.

Life and death are always with us. But for the living, we just go on with our friends' help.

Time to lay Belle to rest.
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