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Asian community group known as Asian Sports In America, or ASIA, supposedly due to his carousing lifestyle. Pong was supposedly seen bouncing from club to club, hopping from bar to bar and generally living a completely debauched lifestyle during a trip to New York City where he headed up an ASIA presentation at the headquarters of the United Nations.

Certain ambassadors of Asian bloc nations were supposedly upset at Pong's over the top lifestyle, claiming that it was unbefitting of an Asian dignitary and semi-political official in a country where Asians are still in the vast minority, many of them struggling to make ends meet. Many officials denounced his hedonistic, undisciplined ways.

As journalists and paparazzi put the squeeze on the hotel where Pong was staying in New York, hoping to get a comment, he reportedly bounced and veered his way to a hasty checkout from a back entrance and has since been seen bouncing and carousing his way around the summer scene in South Beach, Florida.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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