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Police markings on holster, what is the diffesrence?

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I am just wondering, what is the difference here?
Both police, but different eagle?
Eagle/b or eagle/c ???

Why is it called b or c?

Looking forward to some great answers here...:D



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Those are the name of the makers. Eagle over a C was a marking used on guns to designate police use, I think they also used an Eagle over an L, but I'm not sure about that one. I have never seen any holsters marked to denote police use.
Those are definitely not the names of the people who carried them, they are makers' names. I looked at some of my books again and found that German police issue pistols were maked with an eagle over a C or over a K or an F or an L. these are believed to be police inspectors stamps. An Eagle over a B or a D, was found on some police holsters. The C, K F and L were only used on the guns themselves. I don't see any police markings on your holsters Berg. But all police holsters did not have those stamps.
After further review I'm afraid I've given you some bad information. The second holster Sindel 1941 Has a police eagle and the last one does also. You can see the difference in how the wings are up higher and the eagle looks a little fatter than the one on the other holsters. Sorry for my mistake, years ago I spent a lot of money and time collecting Third Reich handguns. I had a safe full of P08s and p38s etc. Then I got into sniper rifles, but that's another story. I'm afraid I've forgotten some of the more subtle things about the markings. I really don't want to give out misinformation.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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