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I just got my first Poly in as new condition and hope to try it out soon.
The barrel has a single import mark of KFS ATL GA.

The receiver is marked on the top rear heel as follows:
7.62 NATO

The rifle is with a standard slotted flash hider with bayonet lug .The stock appears to be a type of walnut with no selector cutout.Standard GI type blued buttplate and blued folding buttplate assy.
The serial number 0023 is also on the left rear of the receiver visible at the stock /receiver mating area.The serial number is also on the trigger group assy(etched or vibro tooled).Barrel and receiver groups are nicely parkerized and well finished.Everything is tight as new(as it should be).
Hope this info helps in adding to your list.
I will take it out tomorrow and run a few rounds though it.
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