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It was by way of a New York City pigeon. It happened at 1600 hours on Friday, April 23rd, after exiting Grand Central Terminal on my way to a client's office. After cleaning off my forehead and hand, and hoping the second plop wouldn't drip down off that other spot on the back left up near the top of my head, I proceeded to the client's office, and others after that.

Thankfully I was able to stick my head in the client's sink, rinse off, fix my hair and look and feel presentable again. So, in making my rounds yesterday evening, how long do you think it took three people to tell me that means good luck. Great, I wasn't even walking close to the building!!! :shock: What was that pigeon doing, sitting up there with a wind gauge and sticking his butt three feet off the ledge?!?!?!??? :cry: I was walking at least eight feet from the building!!! :shock: :D :D :shock: THAT'S GOOD LUCK??!?!?!?!!

Does that mean I get to keep my house??? :? :? :? :shock:

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Fernando Coelho said:
Damn, Jefferies, that's what I was going to say :wink:

More proof that it's a tough crowd around here :lol:
Naw, Fernando, ya needs to be a Southron to be able to say "jen-yoo-wine." It would have come out of your mouth as "ginuwin." :lol: :lol:
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