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Question for All You Gunsmith's Out There..

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I am going to try and fit a new barrel bushing to my Kimber 1911.

I don't need one, it's just kind of a learning experience for me. If I screw it up, I still have the original, so I'm just out the few bucks for the bushing.

Now I know that the tab that fits into the slot on the slide will be oversized. My question is on fitting the bushing to the barrel.

Do I just remove enough metal from the inner diameter of the bushing to permit the barrel to slide through it (keeping the ID a perfect circle), OR, since the barrel tilts up, do I have to relieve the BOTTOM of the ID of the bushing, making the ID a slight oval?

School me, brothers. :smile:
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The different thing was the barrel bushing. It came with a wrench. Never having been a match shooter, I had never handled one of those. It was so tight that it took two of us to get it all back together. I had to hold the gun, and keep the plug pushed down, and my pal had to do the wrench work with that bushing.

Is that necessary, to have something fit that closely??

Your comments, please.

If you'd put a piece of .45 brass in the ejection port as if smokestacked, or a piece of 1/2" dowel or something, you might have found that bushing a lot easier to turn when reassembling (or disassembling). This is because with the barrel now out of battery, it's now lined up with the bushing, and not stressing it vertically in any way.

If the bare bushing (no barrel) is still hella hard to turn in the slide, what I'd personally do is lube it up with Kroil or something and (put the slide in a padded vise if necessary) and sit there and turn the bushing back and forth with the wrench until it got reasonably easy to do (though NOT loose). At that point I'd clean out the oil and loose metal and probably find a very pleasant fit.

Charlie, with his superior skill, big brain, and professional tools, might have other advice, but that's what I'd do at this point. ;)
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I understand that if you provide measurements of the slide's internal diameter and the barrel's outer diameter, EGW will machine a bushing to fit.
I don't doubt it. I needed a part made for a 1911 and sent them a sketch and dimensions (to .001") and they made me a fine, fine part. Good guys!
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