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Question for All You Gunsmith's Out There..

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I am going to try and fit a new barrel bushing to my Kimber 1911.

I don't need one, it's just kind of a learning experience for me. If I screw it up, I still have the original, so I'm just out the few bucks for the bushing.

Now I know that the tab that fits into the slot on the slide will be oversized. My question is on fitting the bushing to the barrel.

Do I just remove enough metal from the inner diameter of the bushing to permit the barrel to slide through it (keeping the ID a perfect circle), OR, since the barrel tilts up, do I have to relieve the BOTTOM of the ID of the bushing, making the ID a slight oval?

School me, brothers. :smile:
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I understand that if you provide measurements of the slide's internal diameter and the barrel's outer diameter, EGW will machine a bushing to fit.
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