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Question for All You Gunsmith's Out There..

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I am going to try and fit a new barrel bushing to my Kimber 1911.

I don't need one, it's just kind of a learning experience for me. If I screw it up, I still have the original, so I'm just out the few bucks for the bushing.

Now I know that the tab that fits into the slot on the slide will be oversized. My question is on fitting the bushing to the barrel.

Do I just remove enough metal from the inner diameter of the bushing to permit the barrel to slide through it (keeping the ID a perfect circle), OR, since the barrel tilts up, do I have to relieve the BOTTOM of the ID of the bushing, making the ID a slight oval?

School me, brothers. :smile:
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While I readily admit that right now my RIA sports an EGW Angle-bore, Extra-thick Gunsmith-fit bushing( You give them the ID of the slide and the OD of the barrel at the muzzle), I used to fit a bushing to the slide first. When it was snug but not tight, I'd measure the barrel at the muzzle( With a 0-1 Micrometer, not a dial-vernier), add .001 to that and start in on the ID of the bushing using a 9/16ths dowel(Turned down from 5/8ths.) with a single wrap of Crocus Cloth around it. Most muzzles except for Match barrels(True Match barrels) are around .577 to .582 in diameter. Oil the cloth and turn a couple times and check, turn a couple times and check til I got the fit I wanted. Thing you have to watch is that when you move the slide back .100 or so,the barrel can tilt down and unlock.

Looking at the bushing I know it looks like the barrel isn't straight. That's because it isn't!!! 1911 Barrels sit in Battery with the chamber-center 52 minutes above level with the frame-rails.
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Daniel, read my post. #9
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