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Question for Steve Wenger

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Question for Steve Wenger.

Did you ever meet "Jelly" Bryce? I went back through your web site again and was surprised you mentioned him and also cover Cirillo's alternate sighting methods.

Yes, I realize that most here would have been kids if the ever met the man.
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spwenger;560497I did meet and interact with Jim Cirillo at a few ASLET seminars and had several phone conversations with him said:
Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights[/i] but, like many others, I mostly prize the invaluable tactical lessons from him, whether they came directly or indirectly.
Panama City was a little further East than my folks place. You could hear the gunfire at Hurburt Field. Dad was stationed at Eglin Field at the time.

I've got a copy of Guns, Bullets, and Gunfights in my bookcase and have read it at least 3 times. Also have No Second Place Winner by Jordan. Didn't Jordan write for Shooting Times at one time?
Skeeter Skelton was my favorite writer of the time, maybe because he, like me, was a Texican. His "Me and Joe" stories reminded me of my growing up in West Texas. Jordan and Elmer Keith were great too.

Had the good fortune to me Adolph Topperwein and Wes Kline. Kline never gained the recognition as a exhibition shooter as Topperwein but that be partly do to Ad's using Plinky, his wife in the show.
I'm hoping "Plinky" doesn't mean what I think it does...
Down here plinking has to do with shooting cans and bottles and with both the Topperweins aerial targets. That's the way Mrs. Topperwein got her nickname. Ad's specialty was "portraits" drawn with a .22 rifle.

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...Topperwein was some sort of relative of Rex Applegate's and had some influence on the eventual development of his eponymous technique.
I thought that Sykes-Fairbain were the initial driving influence on Applegate. Didn't know Applegate and Topperwein had any connection.

I remember meeting Colonel Askins at the West Avenue Range here. Boy, what an abrasive SOB he was. But he was a old man by then. Wes Kline hated him as did a number of shooters who were at the 1937 National Matches. He had a .22 center fire built using a Mexican round, the Velo-Dog, and a .22 Colt Woodsman Target. Everyone else used a .32 Colt revolver and just couldn't handle timed and rapid like Askins' Woodsman. me. I replied from years-old memory and failed to take the time to crack open any of Applegate's books.

I never take offense at any correction of facts.
My thoughts too.

Thanks to the both of you for providing info on people I've admire many of my 80 some years.
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